Department for Ministry Protection

The Department for Ministry Protection, commonly known as Risk Management, is responsible for procuring comprehensive property, casualty, workers compensation and vehicle insurance coverage for all churches and affiliated ministries in the Florida Conference, facilitating the payment of claims, as well as providing risk management and safety consulting.


Risk Management Information

International Medical / Accident Insurance      Covers medical payments for injuries or sickness while participating in volunteer activities sponsored by the church, outside of the United States. Also included as a part of this new insurance package are safety resources, crisis management and emergency assistance.  

Insurance Database     Ministry Protection has replaced the former insurance database known as “RiskConsole”.   The new database provides a much simplified and user-friendly format for local churches to review their property, casualty and workers compensation insurance information, make changes and print pertinent information.

Facility Risk Management Self-Inspection Form 
Simple form designed as a resource to conduct a safety evaluation of your church.   

Certificates of Insurance
Q & A about certificates of insurance and why they are crucial if an outside group is using your facility.

Security and Theft Deterrence

Theft and vandalism are increasing at churches, bringing the issue of security to the forefront.

Trustees Handbook:
A guide to managing property, equipment and investments, published by Cokesbury.

Child / Youth Protection Policy Template and Training
Child and youth protection policy template and local church training resource.

Ongoing Programs and Resources

Risk Management Consulting
Consultation with church leadership regarding insurance, risk management and safety concerns. 

Loss Prevention and Safety Assessments
On-site risk control evaluations focused on fire and life safety, hazard identification, security and general safety issues. Available at no cost to local churches. 

Property Appraisals
Appraisals will assist your church in establishing the proper value for insurance reporting purposes.  Available at no cost to local churches. 

Playground Safety Assessments
Onsite evaluations of your playground are available.

15 Passenger Vans

Recommendations continue against the ownership and use of dangerous 15 passenger vans. The established premium refund program continues when a church sells their 15 passenger van. 

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Defibrillators available through a cooperative partnership with Cardiac Science, a recognized market leader in AED's.